Lanceus, the Prophet of Kencii (Part three: Jakeus' bedmate)

However, this was a normal occurrence. He would be temporarily placed in the body of the person he was looking into the future of. But, he would be in their body in the future, and it was his job to find out when, and what important thing would be happening to said person.

Therefore, he must be in the body of King Jakeus. He had once entered the body of Jakeus’ father, Kaejus. But, that had been boring, Kaejus had long been impotent and infertile before that. This time, he was in the body of the most desirable and eligible bachelor in all of Kencii.

No wonder Shenae said he wouldn’t like this…

The woman cooed as she awoke and stretched. She blinked a bit, then looked up at Lanceus/Jakeus’ face and smiled. Then she began to kiss him, slowly working her way down…

“Oh, here we go…” groaned Lanceus intramentally as she continued her descent.

Why was it that all his trance-dreams had to start with a sex scene, yet he had to be celibate?

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