The Escape

Over time, we had observed a pattern in the Guards. Each day, a new Guard would come to take the other’s place, cycling between three days. On every third day, we got a bumbling idiot named Frenz or something. You could count on him to fall asleep at his post almost every morning. He would be our target.

Three nights after we made our plan, Frenz came to take the shift over from the other Guard. We all looked at eachother then fell asleep for the night.


Morning. All of us woke at the same time. I motioned for Fauxtes, a giant Builder tattooed all over, to make his move. He picked up the Tunneler, crept over to the sleeping heap of Frenz, and cracked the machine over the Guard’s head. Frenz slumped even lower, unconcious for a few more hours. We moved. Everyone had an extra Tunneler, in case the need arose.

Now I don’t think I’ve told you this, but the only way to get in or out of the Endless Corridor is to go through the Grand Tower. We could be walking right into their hands.

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