Lanceus, the Prophet of Kencii (Part four: Triumph over Vomitia)

After the woman finished her… adoration of Jakeus/Lanceus. He got up and began to dress himself in the fine, velvet robes of the King.

He then placed his informal crown upon his head, and strapped his fancy sandals onto his feet. He walked over to a mirror and began to examine himself.

Lanceus wondered how long he would get to stay in this body, he rather liked it… Especially its fringe benefits…

Back to the mission. He turned to the woman who was gathering up her things to leave. “What day is today?” he asked.

“Surely you know, your majesty, for yesterday you conquered Vomitia, and King Pukesalot was slain by your own sword! The bards will sing of the triumph of King Jakeus on that day for centuries!”

Lanceus sighed to himself “Well, she won’t be any help, but at least I know we won’t have to worry about being conquered by Vomitia any time soon.

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