The Merry-Go-round is broken down

School had just gotten out, and everyone was ready for the summer. Jake was a tall, lanky guy with short brown hair and eyes to match. He wasn’t looking forward to summer break, every year his family did the same thing, they would go to their lake house in Maine, his parents would fight, and then his dad would drive beack to Boston and Jake and his mom would return a week later. Then in 2 weeks school would start again.
Jake said good-bye to his friends and climbed onto the yellow school bus. His friend Kate who lived just two houses down from him sat next to him on the bus.
“So what do you have planned this summer?” asked Kate in an excited voice. She pushed some of her blond locks from her face, and waited for Jake to answer.
“Same old, same old…” replied Jake in a less enthusiastic voice. He stared out the window, the familiar landscape whizzing past.
“Oh…well you know you can always call me if anything horrible happens.” Said Kate sympatheticly.

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