A Brief Glimpse into the Mind of Rockstarjoker

Get to work. Log on to computer. Check out to see if I missed anything last night. I didn’t.

Sign on to aim, see who’s on, and quickly hide my name. Love to talk, but hate some of the people who have my screen name.

Check 2 different emails. Nothing new or exciting- god that’s depressing. I should check myspace… but I don’t.

Time to sign on to Ficlets- Messages, YAY !

What should I do? A new story popped into my head, but I want to finish another one, Super Goner. No one’s paying attention to that one, though, so why should I bother?

But the next one will be so long…

I look at other people’s, just want some inspiration for a simple story.

All I get is this. What do you find when you glimpse into my mind? An empty hole, it looks like.

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