Act I, Scene V

It had been ten years since I saw him. Ten years since we were starcrossed lovers in a school play. Ten years, and now here he was, standing at my door like the angel of love—or death, I wasn’t sure yet. Did I still love him?...Yes. Yes, I must. For it had been ten years and I still remembered his name, his favorite shirt, the feel of his lips on mine in Act I, Scene V.
“Long time no see,” I finally managed. He chuckled and smiled at me some more…that intoxicating smile that melted my sophomore heart, ten years ago.
“I only saw you this afternoon,” he replied softly. He let himself in as I stood there dumbly. I followed him into the kitchen, blushing crimson. It was true. This afternoon at nationwide auditions, we had been starcrossed lovers once more in Act I, Scene V. We even used the same blocking, which impressed the director. He must have thought we had some strange psychic connection.
“You know what I mean,” I said, still blushing.
“Yes.” He smiled. He stood up and walked toward me….

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