Dr. Super

“You certainly are a strange doctor, sir.” The young lady sitting beside me said.
“How so?” I asked.
“None of the doctors I know ever dreamed of being super heros.”
“How do you know?”
“Excuse me?”
“How do you know that they didn’t want to be super heros? Did you ask them?”
“No, not exactly.”
“You assume they don’t want to be superheros, just because they never told you?”
“Well, yes.” I don’t say anything else to her for a moment, but the silence was killing her. She really wanted this date to work. “It is a sort of silly thing to want- no offense.”
“Why is it silly?” I asked.
“Well, it’s not as if we really need super heros. There aren’t really villains lurking around trying to destroy the world.”
I shrugged and looked at the mirrored bar. A reflection in the window caught my eye.
In the clouds, a seach light in the shape of a + in a circle floated in the clouds.
I paid the bill and started running. “Please Excuse me, darling, Duty Calls!”

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