Dr. Super to the Rescue

I rushed into the alley, where I carefully removed my expensive suit, revealing the spandex costume I wear everyday.

My phone rang as I put on my mask.

“What’s the problem today?” I asked, finally getting the damn thing to stick. Nearly 10 years of higher education was a synch, but wardrobe changes were still challenging.

“There’s a bank robbery at First City National.”

“A Bank robbery? You called me for a measly bank robbery? Couldn’t the police take care of that?”

“Oh, good idea… I guess I could just call them…”

“No, no… I’m almost dressed, I might as well go.” I started tying my cape on.

“Come on, Doctor.. was she really THAT bad?”

I tyed my cape on, and flicked it behind me. “Don’t ever ask me to take one of your sisters out again!” I said, running down the alley to my car.

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