Act I, Scene V (part 4)

Finally, after a minute or so (by this time, I was quite sure the play was indeed Romeo and Juliet), he looked over at me expectantly. “Well?” he said, eyes wide with innocent confusion. “Aren’t you excited? Me and you, together again!” I looked over at him, mirroring his look. What was he talking about? Then I looked over at the list. Sure enough, there it was. I was Juliet and he was my Romeo, once again. Reagan, it seemed, had gotten Lady Montague, but her name was heavily scratched out. “What about Reagan?” I croaked. My traitorous voice had left me.
He smiled and snorted. “She broke up with me when she found out she was playing my mother. Hmm… guess I’m single now…” he looked expectantly at me. I didn’t reply. How could he get over her so fast? It was then I remembered, finally, my dreadful high school experience.

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