“Halt!” A smiling Princess Tuesday stopped us. “No need for a long journey, is there?” There was something ominous about her toothy grin.
“Princess!” I cried, surprised. “We were on our way back to Phynia.” Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Lissom’s hand ease toward his hilt. Lucas followed suit.
“Are you in such a hurry?” She tried to sound innocent.
“Yes. It was you who told us to hurry.” I responded.
“There’s no need. Judith, simply whisper his Name in my ear.” Judith shook her head vigorously. “Tell me!” Tuesday’s eyes grew wide and menacing.
“Princess. Perhaps we should discuss this privately.” I offered calmly. We edged told a large tree, then began speaking in my native tongue.
“Haldafstar, tymingy! Chartumre?” I waved my hands about.
“Cfytaq. Groyther!” She screamed.

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