Only Way

Lissom watched, then translated quietly for the children. “She told you to go on the quest, only because all of Phynia was watching.” He paused as Tuesday spouted out more words.
“Irathga chot grenup domat! Nefrajet varden.”
“She says that if Naystrium really cared, he’d help her protect the crown. You see, if the prince hadn’t been born, she’d get to rule. If he isn’t Named in time, he will die, and she will take his place.” Lissom turned to Judith. “You and Lucas need to run. It is the only way.”
“Goodbye, Lissom. I am sorry…” Lucas brushed away a tear. Judith nodded and bit her lip.
“Go now, and do not look back.” He whispered loudly. As the children took off, they found themselves being lifted by all the Good Soldiers. It was a line stretching towards the castle.
Judith immediately ran to the prince’s cradle and said: “Liam. Dear Prince, your Name is Liam.”

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