Manuel Returns


There are times you want to hear a squeaky Spanish accented voice shouting behind you. Like… Well I’m sure there are some. Still it wasn’t what I expecting as I made my morning coffee.

“Revenge eet shall be mine!”

Very slowly, I turned around, as I’d expected there stood the dripping wet and foul smelling fur ball that had once been my business partner.

Note to self, get rid of the trash compactor it’s got some issues. If a small dog can climb up through it then it’s a bit broken.

“Hey Mannie! Great to see you! You’re looking good!” I burbled. I started to slip on hand behind my back, maybe I could pull up a quick ward before things went to pot.

“Keep those hands where I can see them.” he growled. His teeth looked quite sharp and I hated to think what I’d catch from a bite.

“You bastard!” he screamed “I got turned into thisand you just ran off and left me!”

Then, reflexively, he shook the water and scum of himself his entire body shaking.

I dived sideways throwing the cup of hot coffee.

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