Merry-Go-Round part 2

Kate had been friends with Jake since they were 4 and she always felt bad for him when his parents fought, he would be having a miserable time and she would be having the time of her life. Jake nodded his head and they continued the rest of the ride in silence while other students around them chatted about their summer plans. The bus came to a hault, Jake and Kate got off and parted ways.
Jake arrived home his German Shepard, Sampson, greeted him. Sampson followed Jake around as he packed for Maine. A yellow duffle bag sat by the front door, and Jake sat on the stoop, Sampson at his side. Jake’s parents arrived home and loaded the car, reluctantly Jake climbed into the backseat, Sampson lay on his lap. Jake didn’t say a word during the 4 hour drive, he just watched the all too familiar secenary pass by.
After about 4 hours the car pulled onto a dirt road. They drove a few miles past some other lake houses until they reached theirs.

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