The Real Competition

It was that time of summer again. All the regulars in the neighborhood were starting a football workout. It happens like this every summer. Teddy,Teddy’s lil brother Ken, Sammy and Mitch were all part of the cities football team so everyone in the yard everyday did a half hours work of football exercises. Teddy, of course, invited Ty so then he could try out for the football team so all the boys in the neighborhood could play football! We had just finished push-ups, sit-ups, up-downs and sprints.
“Hey dudes let’s make this whole thing interesting.” Says Mitch. “How about we race?” He asked. Good ol’ Mitch, always up for a challenge.
“I’m in” Ty says before anyone else can get a word in.
“Me too” I say in an equally excited tone. Everyone agrees and we break it up in to three individual races. Ty won his and I was racing Stan (older than me) to see who would come in third. I won by like two steps. It was just me and Ty now.
“Racers take your marks.” Mitch says. “Get set . . .GO!”

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