Merry-Go-Round part 3

Jake climbed out of the car and stretched his legs, Sampson ran down to the water and chased after smoe ducks. Jake’s parents got out as well, and his father started to unpack the car.
“Looks like the McDougals sold their place.” observed Jake’s mom. The Mcdougals used to be their neighbors but they were an elderly couple and when Jake looked over to their house there were kyacks and seadoos, also music was blaring from the house.
“Some young couple maybe.” said Jake with a shrug. He picked up his duffle bag, whisteled to Sampson and headed inside. Attached to the front door was a flyer for the first ever carnival in the sleepy town of Moose Bay.
” Finally something to do” thought Jake as he removed the flyer and headed up to his room where he dropped his bag and ran downstairs, and out the door. “Umm, I’m gonna head into town.” He said quickly grabbing his bike and taking off down the dirt road before his parents could say a word.

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