Merry-Go-Round part 4

The smell of popcorn and cotton candy reached Jake before he hopped of his bike. Placing it up against a tree he made his way into the crowd. A man in stilts walked past, Jake looked up and watched him walk off, he also knocked a girl over.
“Oh my god I’m so sorry.” He said helping her up. She wore a multicolored peasant skirt with a Bon Jovi forever tee. Her hair was a dirty blond and her eyes were the most brilliat blue.
“It’s ok, I’m fine. My name is Emma by the way.” She said tucking her hair behind her ear.
“Jake. So are you here for the summer?” He asked moving towards the edge of the thicket of people. Emma nodded her head. ” I’m staying on Wolf Lake.” She said following him.
“Really?!” She nodded her head. “You must be staying in the Mcdougals old place.”
“Yeah, let me guess you live next door?” She didn’t mean for it to sound rude but how else would know where she was staying.

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