Merry-Go-Round part 5

They began to talk for hours until tehy realized that the lights were starting to go out signaling their time to leave. They biked back to their houses. The music had died down at Emma’s, and Sampson was still outside.
“I guess i’ll see you tomorrow.” Said Jake placing his bike in a shed.
“Till tomorrow.” Replied Emma hopping up the steps of her house and diappearing behind a door.
Over the next few weeks the two, or should i say three including Sampson, were inspeperable. they went fishing, biking, hiking, sea-dooing. Sometimes they would bike into town for ice cream. They would sit on the dock till midnight talking or just looking at the stars. Jake didn’t notice his parents fighting that much, he had other things on his mind. For once the summer was good.
It was the day before Emma had to leave, Jake and Sampson didn’t want her to go.

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