Merry-Go-Round part 7

Jake turned around and looked about, not too many people were left. He glanced at the sky which had clouded over, then a noise of screaching metal made him turn around to find the merry-go-round stopped and someone trapped under a horse.
He ran over and shoved the carousel horse off the girl. She was lying face down, her outfit looked like Emma’s, his heart began to race as her turned her over, to reveal the girl he loved.
“No” he whispered. He pulled her into his arms. “Somebody get some help!” He shouted in a hoarse voice. He looked back at Emma, her breath rattled through her.
“What a fantastic ride.” She said softly.
“Hold on helps on the way.” Said Jake.
“I had fun this summer Jake, to bad i didn’t get to see Sampson one last time.” Her voice was but a whisper, a single tear ran down her cheek.
“Don’t talk that way.” He said rocking her back and forth. He heard the ambulance in the distance.

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