Merry-Go-Round part 8

He looked down at her face, her eyes were motionless, and one last breath rattled through her. Jake sat there with her cradeled in his arms crying. The peramedics pronouced her at 3:13 pm. No one knew why that horse fell. Jake was there to tell her parents what had happened, he cried with them. At her funeral they played “View from Heaven” by Yellowcard in a slideshow comemorating her life. Sampson was aloud to go to her funeral, he lay down beside the pew where Jake sat. They had traded in his red collar and leash for a black pair. He was quiet the whole time except for when they carried her casket out. Sampson started to whine, and when they passed him he sat up and barked, trying to get her to wake up. Jake kneeled down beside Sampson and got him to stop barking. Sampson began to whine again, and Jake couldn’t stop crying.

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