An angel

As the juice drips down Stephan’s chin, he is overcome with vertigo as the world spins around him.

In moments, it passes.

The rat creature stares intently and Stephan begins to feel as though he is exposed, that all his secrets have been let loose on the world.

“Now, we may talk,”

The rat creature does not say these words – they seem to appear out of nothingness.

Stephen tries to speak, but all that he can utter is incessant squealing.

“Think what you must say.”

Questions race through Stephan’s mind.

“What’s happening? Where am I, and who are you? Why did I have to leave Manhattan?”

“I’ll answer one question – we haven’t the time for more.”

The rat creature stood perfectly still, its eyes locked with Stephan’s.

“Who are you, then?”

The creature turned. “You might call me… an angel.”

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