She sat staring straight ahead of her, at the screen of her laptop. She would not let herself be distracted by the boy beside her, no matter how much her subconscious wanted him.

He wasn’t drop dead sexy or anything, but he was decent, and accessible. He reminded her of her ex-boyfriend, except cleaner. And for some reason, she wanted to just reach over and grope him, for the rest of class.

She couldn’t understand it, she was sexually attracted, and committed, to another man, yet she couldn’t help but imagine just reaching over to grab the man beside her… But she would never let herself do it, she was committed.

Why couldn’t she get this out of her head?? She knew the man she loved would be angry with her, but she didn’t do anything, and she hoped he would be okay that it was just thoughts. But she was already angry at herself, just for thinking it, even though she managed to control herself enough to limit it to her thoughts.

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