A daughter's task - Episode 1

It was a hard thing I was facing, though I didn’t know it at the time. I was just concered with flying for the first time in 12 years. There was alot different about this flight. For one I wasn’t pregnant and two, I ddin’t have a toddler with me. I was going alone.
I got to O’Hare airport at about 1:30 pm and my cousin Lilly picked me up and took me to Abuela’s house. They aren’t related by blood but through my dad’s marriage to my stepmother. Abuela speaks no english still and I had to learn spanish when my dad remarried. I do ok.
Abuela had made her chicken soup and I downed two bowls with 6 tortillas with her urging me to eat more. I had no more room. Also I was anxious to get to the hospital where my father was.
I was shocked. He was on a ventalator and his eyes were wide open. He was struggling and because of that he was tied down so he woudn’t pull the ventalator tube out. My stepmother saw me and she teared up. She told me she was glad I was finally there.

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