A daughter's task - Episode 2

I talked to dad telling him I was there. Lesvya, my stepmother left for a few moments. I told dad how all my sisters were thinking about him and that mom wished him better soon. I gave him all the messages and I know he heard, he was settled while I spoke to him. When I was quiet for too long, he started to stuggle again. Lesvya and I stayed until midnight.
The next morning we arrived to the hospital and dad was still. His heart was beating and he was breathing with the ventalator but he was still. Just layed there. He didn’t respond very much to our voices, and He didn’t struggle much. I knew then he wasn’t ever going to talk to me again. Later that evening I pinched his toes, nothing. I tickled the bottoms of his feet, nothing. I flashed a light in his eyes, nothing. My dad was brain dead. That was Tuesday. I didn’t say much to my stepmother. She wanted him to live. But I knew that with the highly acidic blood and the liver and kidneys shutting down, there was no hope of recovery.

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