Actions of Emotions

I was motionless, yet I was not idle. My mind was racing through a thousand thoughts and a great expanse of excuses. But, I could not find a reasonable answer.
I searched the room with my eyes seeking to find an answer somewhere, anywhere. I had to figure out a way to say something that would not crush her.

My eyes met hers.
Her eyes were swollen with tears and were graced with a light red hue that contrasted her cerulean eyes.

My muse, my angel what can I say to appease you? How can I say that my heart is divided and struggles, for it longs for you, yet it can cannot be yours?

I slowly began to turn breaking our mutual stare. My hand brushed the letter I had written. It was hanging over the edge of the coffee table. I stared at it and realized with clarity that letter was the only way.

I know what I must do

I walked with a harried step through the house. Running when I could rushing to get out and do what had to be done. I stepped out of the house into a crimson sunset.

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