He who roars

He who roars stalked the great expanse searching for new prey. The green fluff of squeaking had succumbed to his stealthy assault and he had presented it to the great gods as a worthy gift. As always he received their great praise as any true warrior would, feigning to ignore their mighty paws on his skin, whilst secretly revelling in their touch.
But now he heard movement on the high plain, sliding scratching sounds that tempted his sensitive ears. Carefully he approached, wary of attack or ambush, ready to find and strike down his prey. He prepared himself to pounce, to fling his body into space towards the high plain. unleashing his powerful flanks he flew through the air landing on one of the smaller lower plains which gave access the the highlands above.
There they lay, small colourful shapes being toyed with by one of the gods. He who roars reached out and swiped at one with his sharp claws. It ran away from him across the high plain and he heard the gods rejoice at his heroic deeds.

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