Because We're Mutants...

“Run!!â€? he urged. “Don’t stop!â€?
She ran faster. The rain pelted their faces like miniature bullets, the mud squelched under her feet, they were drenched.
“Keep going!â€?
She ran through bushes, around trees, sticks and leaves slapped her face.
The sounds of the people chasing them faded. They had escaped.
She stopped. Quasar settled down next to her.
“That was easier than it should have been.â€?
“For you.â€? She said. “You can fly.â€?
He looked at her. “You’re fast on your feet.â€?
“So what?â€? Marquee sighed. “It won’t make a difference if we’re dead.â€?
They had escaped from an experimentation facility. There, their names were Marquee and Quasar. She was super fast and could shapeshift. He could fly and create force fields.
“Why do they hate us so much, Quasar?â€?
“Because we’re different. Because we’re mutants.â€?
A floodlight from a helicopter flickered past. Marquee leapt to her feet.
On the run again.

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