Because We're Mutants Part II

“I can’t believe this!â€? Marquee mumbled as she tore through the trees. “We must be miles away from the MEF !â€?
“We are miles away from the MEF . I’ve been wondering how long it would take you to realize that they’ve given up the chase.â€? Quasar commented.
“What?! Why didn’t you say so?!â€? she demanded. She stopped running.
He shrugged. “I thought you would notice, apparently I was wrong.”
She glared at him.
Quasar changed the subject. “What are we going to do now?”
Marquee looked around. “Find a place to sleep, I guess.”
“The Keyword being find.”
“Right.” Quasar grinned.
“Who’s There?!!” A voice demanded. “Identify yourselves!!”
Quasar and Marquee looked at each other.
“What should we do?” she asked.
They saw a light flickering through the trees.
“Hide!” he hissed.

(MEF = Mutant Experimentation Facility)

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