Because We're Mutants Part III

Marquee tried to shapeshift. She really did. Unfortunately trying is not enough, you have to do. The light bobbed through the trees towards her. She might as well face the music. If it was neccesary she could always run. A man appeared out of the trees. It was too dark to see him clearly and the fact that there was a flashlight shining in her eyes didn’t help at all.
“Who are you?â€? he demanded.
He didn’t look dangerous.
“Marquee? What kind of name is that?â€?
“You’re blinding me with that flashlight.â€? she pointed out.
“Oh. Sorry.â€?
Quasar flew down from the tree he was in.
“You’re mutants.â€? the man said.
“Who are you?â€? Quasar asked.
“I’m Derrick, but everyone calls me Cybertronic.â€?
Loud popping noises filled the air.
“Come with me!â€? Derrick cried urgently.
Quasar and Marquee hesitated. Should they trust him.
“Come on!â€? he ran off into the trees.
Marquee and Quasar exchanged glances.
Then they ran after him.

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