A brief glimpse into the mind of the Storykeeper of Fae

I sequel this because I like so much to be part of something. I like to view myself as part of a community, even if it is a virtual one like this.
I MUST get outside soon or I will BURST with all the tension I have building. I NEED to explore. What about that trail down by the river? Sounds wonderful, but when?
Where did I leave Josh, Sarah, Pandora, and Destiny? And where the heck are Thyme and Willow? What is Sage feeling right now? Why can’t I get past that stupid little rift in my stupid little notebook!
That reminds me, where did I leave Violet and Collin? More importantly…does anyone care?
I need something to read! Good thing I’ll be going to the library tomorrow!
Sings: Haleluiah!!!

Oooh, Josh Groban sounds good right now! Haha, he sounds good ALWAYS , but I need the soothing qualities of his voice more than ever at this moment.
Have I journaled today? Oh, yes, I did…
I need my sunrise moment! I’m so sick of that sunset.

Oh…sleep…yes, I need that. Soon.

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