Perfection is Improved

This was one of those moments. A Monday morning, cooler than it’s been lately, and laden with dew. I love seeing the sunrise. They’re so much better than sunsets! Everyone loves sunsets. I like sunrises because they happen everyday, a dependable miracle, but very few people actually bother to appreciate it.

And this sunrise was one I’d never forget.

I was sitting in my friend’s yard, beneath the trees, the sunrise, relishing in the world’s awakening.
My friends’ awakenings, however, were going to be far off, and I was relishing every alone moment I had.

Then, I heard the door of her house close. I ignored it, I wasn’t about to allow my nirvana to dissipate.
I smiled at the familiar voice. His was one I’d been waiting to hear address me for ages. “You could call it that. I wouldn’t, but you could. No, I’m experiencing sunrise. Soaking it in…becoming it.”
“Mind if I join you?” I could hear him smile.
“Not at all.”

Perfection can always be improved.

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