Foggy Head(London Fog Part 2)

I was coming to an intersection of who knows where, when I heard the sound of a step behind me. I was expecting it to be my prodigal guide, and I was right. What I didn’t expect was the bat to my head.
You know how when the hero of a movie starts to come to, people are looking at him at everything all cloudy? Well, that’s kinda what I felt, but mix-in the feeling of a horse sitting on your head, and you’ll have the general idea of how I felt.
My ex-guide and another figure were huddled together talking. “Well how much did he have on him?” That was my ex-guide talking.
“He only had £20 and some change,” I assumed that was the new bloke, that I had not been introduced to.
“Well, did he have any cards on him?”
“Just an ATM card and his license; name’s Gary Turner”
“Hey, he’s coming ‘round. Let’s make ourselves scarce”
They ran off leaving me and a soggy wallet, alone in the fog.

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