Because We're Mutants: Safe House

Derrick ran through the trees, Quasar and Marquee at his back. The popping noises grew louder.
“What’s happening?!” Quasar shouted.
“They’re buzzing the safehouse!” Derrick replied.
He stopped suddenly. It was too dark to see what he was doing, (he dropped his flashlight when he was running) they heard a “whoosh” as a hidden door opened in a tree to they’re left.
Derrick entered without hesitation. When Marquee and Quasar did not, he yelled, “Come on!!”. He grabbed Marquee and pulled her inside the doorway, Quasar followed suit. As the door closed behind them, the floor began to move. Marquee nearly lost her balance. It must be an elevator of some sort. It was an unnerving expierience, dropping to who knows where in total darkness.
Then, just as suddenly as they had started moving they stopped. The doors opened again.
Quasar and Marquee blinked in the sudden light.
“Welcome to the Mutant Safe House.” Derrick said.
Marquee and Quasar were dumbfounded.

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