Final Breath

As he looked down at the water he felt a slight chill race up his spine. He stood, silently watching the waves in the water swish from side to side. A lump had formed in his throat and he could not muster a word, not that he would need to for what he was about to do. He began thinking about his life, how it had turned out. Surely it was a failure, and rethinking it only deepened his depression. It only made him feel more worthless, it just made him more hopeless. It was not long before his friends and family entered his mind, would they miss him? But it was better this way, they would live more successful lives with him gone. He inched closer to the edge knowing at that moment that it was now or never. He took in a deep gulp of air as a small tear trickled down his face. And right as he let out his final breath, a smile formed onto his face, for he knew everything would be right at last. And with that final thought, he jumped.

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