The Evil Principal

I’m running, running until my lungs feel like they are about to break. I see a classroom and I duck into it. It’s Mr. Shirley’s; if I wasn’t about to be fried by my evil principal, the irony would definitely finish me off.
“Oh, Charlotte, where are you?” she croons, walking down the hall with her fingers crooked. I can’t resist the temptation; I scream out the door, “It’s Charley, not Charlotte!”
Oh geez. That was reeeally dumb. I bolt out the door and turn the next corner, and the next, and the next. Her fingers shoot out lightning again, singeing my shirt and the “Student Masterpiece” wall. I have to get out of the school, then I’ll be safe…so why is the school suddenly so confusing? I’ve practically lived in this place for 7 months now…where am I? I’ve never seen this hallway in my life! I turn the next corner…ah, there’s the office…but the doors should be just to the left, and there’s only wall, wall, and more wall…what is going on? Behind me, Mrs. Fitz cackles…oh, crap…

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