I Am Not Stalking Vicky!

I’m not a stalker! Well, I’m sure you understand that, but Tina didn’t see it that way, and neither did the judge. Now I’m not allowed to talk to her or call her or anything. Like I’d even want to anymore. Who needs stupid Tina? Now I’m in love with Vicky.

The judge also said I have to go to “counseling” every week and tell this lady my problems. I hate it because I know she thinks I’m a “stalker” too. Tina probably told her so! So today was my appointment. Usually I talk with her about Tina, how everyone is wrong to think I was the one stalking her. If anything, she stalked me! But right now I’m in love and I can’t think of anything else but Vicky, and how I’m going to make her mine.

Well, of course this “counselor” can’t be happy for me—oh, no. She keeps asking questions, like how do I know Vicky, what does Vicky think about me, when do I plan to speak to Vicky for the first time.

“Oh, just forget it—you don’t get me!” I shouted, standing up and walking out. I don’t care if we had 40 minutes left.

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