The Movies

After the loss I started getting more and more competitive. I played harder and raced faster.
It was a really, really hott day. Everyone in ‘the yard’ decided to go to a movie that had recently come out. We all got on our bikes and road to the movie theater. We payed for tickets and popcorn and then went into the theater. I sat down then by some coincidence Teddy sat on one side of me and Ty on the other. This is why Teddy infuriates me! I bet he told Ty that I like him which I don’t (right?) and now Ty thinks I’ll do anything for him or to be his girlfriend. Teddy makes up things or he stretches the truth, majorly. Throughout the movie I knew they were comunicating behind my head. During one of those like romantic scenes in a cartoon movie, which really aren’t that romantic at all, Ty pulls ‘the move’. The one where he pretends to yawn and then takes one arm and puts it behind my head. I think about the race for a second and then I shrug off his arm. What on Earth did I just do?

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