I was at the mall with my mom getting my make-up done and thinking about the movies. O my gosh, Ty was soo cute. Why did I shrug him off? I’m soo stupid. Maybe I can make it better some how. Just then my mother inturupted my thoughts. “Linz, you just look soo pretty” she cooed. It really didn’t matter to me because I was missing out on a baseball game, seeing Ty and make-up really wasn’t my thing. I almost think I look worse in make-up than I do without it.
“Thanks mom” I said politley. I have the weirdest mom. Everything in her world is beautiful and tidy except me. And since she thinks I’m mad she took me to the mall to get my make-up done at the make-up counter and get some new clothes. After the ‘mall day’ I went home. I was wearing a new out fit and the make-up from the counter. I went over to ‘the yard’ with my glove and said “Hey guys who’s team am I on?” They stared in awe. Jaws hung open and eyes bulged out of sockets.
“You’re beautiful!!”

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