The Start

“Do you think he’s okay?” Asked Sammy
“He’s fine” I replied. “I didn’t even hit him that hard” I said.
“He should probably go home.” Said Mitch as we all sat in the yard, Ty lying in the grass rubbing the part of his face I punched saying ow every so often. We all agreed on Ty going home.
“I’ll walk him”I said as Teddy helped Ty off the ground.
As we were walking he grabbed my hand, lacing our fingers . “You really are beautiful” He spoke softly.
“Don’t push it” I told him, but I let him hold my hand. We got to his house and I told him I’d see him later.
“Wait.” He said. “Don’t you wanna go in?” He asked. I hesitated.
“Okay.” I said. And he led me though his house, stopping in the kitchen to get some frozen peas for his face. Then he led me down the basement.
“This is kinda my space.” he said. We sat on the couch and he turned on the T.V. Then a really sappy program came on.
He pulled ‘the move’ and I let him. Feeling risky I leaned into him and snuggled up. It was very comfy, until we fell asleep.

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