The Outside World

Jack could hear the machine guns and the shrieks of men dying in the distance. He knew it was risky but it had to be done. He had to find Wesley. He stole through the unexplored forest for about a mile, every moment the gunfire getting louder. Soon he came upon a clearing. He could now hear the voices of two young men, one whom he immediately recognized. It was Wes! He was overjoyed at this discovery, but, remembering that they could be all around, he remained cloaked in the trees as he searched for Wes. Then, just as he had locked his eyes on the young men in camouflage, something happened. It was horrible yet inevitable. One of the young men fell to his knees as a bullet pierced his chest. Jack had witnessed death before. He was not apalled to watch the soldier’s final moments. Not until the soldier was Wes.

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