Love is Never Blind

Walking in to the conference room, there stands my muse, my inspiration. Never did I think he would want to find me nonetheless come here to see me. My heart skips a beat, maybe two. This is my moment, my moment to find true love.
“Hi, you must be Isabel. I’m Rocco.,” said the beautiful man reaching his perfect hand towards me. All I could think of was to leave. Was he really talking to me? Was he really looking for me? Damn it, I might ruin my chances. “Say something,” I thought. How can I regain confidence though? Oh god, this is a nightmare. Yet, he could be the one.
“Yes, I am. Its nice to meet you.”
” I came here today because I thought this picture was amazing. I actually own a gallery and was hoping you might want to have lunch with me later on, if you aren’t too busy.”
“No, no of course not. I would love to, but honestly I am mostly a writer.”
He walked toward me and looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Oh, please don’t say no. You are more beautiful than I thought you would be.”

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