Someone to whisk you off your feet

All her life, Jessica dreamed of the perfect wedding and the perfect guy. today was her day and for some reason she was not looking forward to it. Tom was a great guy. He had a great job. They lived in a nice home in a gated community. He made time for her. Yet, Jessica often thought, “Why am I marrying him?” He was a great guy, not the perfect guy. She was always looking for more. she always needed more. He was not her more. He did not give her more. She didn’t know what to do?
“What if I make a mistake marrying him?” she thought. Yet, what if she made a mistake not marrying him? Is she willing to give up everything just so she can have more? What will her family and friends say? What about Tom?
“I can’t do this, not to him, not today.”
“Then when can you, Jessica,” said her head. “If not now, when?” “Why marry someone you don’t love?”
The door opened. For a moment Jessica froze. she was ready in her dressed, but not in her mind. Then all of a sudden someone came.
“But how?” she stammered.

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