When Clarity Came

As she laid on the ground , thinking of her past and future- never present, she saw a figure surrounded by beautiful flowers and a welcominmg sky, slowly aproaching her. From a distance, he was tall, dark, and handsome.
Destiny looked up at the shadowed figure, “How did you find me?” she asked quizically.
“Well, it wasn’t that hard. I knew this was your favorite spot,” replied Damien, now sitting down besides her.
“I didn’t want you to find me.” Destiny wanted to be alone. She needed a place where she could escape , even if it was just for a short while. Yet, here Damien stood holding the key to her past, to her everything.
“I need some space,” Destiny whispered.
“I know, and I refuse to let you have it. You will do anything to push people away. you don’t have to do this alone,” said Damien lovingly, grabbing her delicate hand that was now quivering.
“I’m afraid it may be too late. How can I undo the past?”
“You can’t.” Then Damien did the unthinkable.

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