Different Time and Place, Would It Work

Maybe in another time we would have worked out. We would have been everything that I wanted us to be. We could have been that couple that would go to the movies together and could have been holding hands whiling walking down the hill. We would have been able look at each other instead of stealing those looks all of the time. I would have been able to call you my man. We would have been able to kiss in the open, instead of only behind closed doors. You would have been able to stay the night in my room without having to leave before my roommate came back. I would have been able to stay in yours without having to make up a story for the night. I wouldn’t be the other girl or the mistress.

Nevertheless, in the end we are in this time and only this time. Still, cannot help thinking of a different time and place. I wish with all of my heart that I could change that way things are but I am who I am and you are, who you are.

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