New Neighbors

She sat outside in the late night, tears rushing down her face. She hated fighting with her friends, but her anger always got the best of her. Dani stood up and tried to dry off her tear covered face. She looked up at the dark sky, and it only seemed to darken. The clouds just seemed to become bigger. Or were they really getting bigger? Then there was a sudden strike of lightning and the rain began to pour down. She was getting soaked, and in her brand new outfit too! She ran up the steps of her house and grasped the doorknob, which would not turn! How could she have been so stupid to lock herself out when nobody was home?? She looked around, but all the houses seemed dark, and she wasn’t on any good terms with her neighbors, but there were the new people. She started walking towards their house two doors down, but it only seemed darker than the rest. But in the darkness she thought she glimpsed a silhouette standing under the neighbors’ deck. She walked over, and was startled to run into a boy.

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