Well to say he was a “boy” did not really do him justice. For he was a beautiful boy. Dani stood taking him in. He had shaggy platinum blonde hair. His bangs crossed over his forehead just covering the top of his eyes, adding a little mystery to him. But his bangs could not hide his eyes for they were gorgeous. They had a sparkling glow to them that seemed to hypnotize Dani like no other. They were a beautiful shade of sea blue with a hint of silver splashed on top of them. As Dani looked closer she realized that he was soaked too. The boy began to speak, in a voice that sounded as if it was going through its changing stage.
“I locked myself out” He chuckled. “I’m Logan”
He put out his hand for Dani to shake.
“Dani” She whispered in a voice quite unlike her own.

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