Logan Calling

Dani sat on her bed, going over in her head the same thing she had been thinking about for 3 days straight. She had met the boy of her dreams, but yet she had not seen him since the night of the storm. She replayed the night in her mind, the two of them sitting under Logan’s deck awkwardly, waiting for the storm to end. They talked and exchanged cell numbers. With everything he said Dani just loved him more. He was an athlete, one with all his seasons filled up. In fall he was the soccer guy, in winter the basketball guy, and in spring the baseball guy. And in every sport he played Dani could just imagine that he was the star player. He was perfect for her, but why didn’t he see it? He was funny, charming, and Dani was sure he wasn’t one of those “dumb jocks”. But yet he hadn’t made any attempt to see her in the last 3 days. Why was she bothering with this? He obviously wasn’t into her. Dani let out a breath of air and fell back onto her bed. Her cell began to ring, and she reached for it. Logan Calling

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