Still Dont Know Jack *

Dad about the vette its gone, the wreck on the news earlier I was in it. What how?
I dont understand it myself,she was flying, never hit her brakes, next thing I know the vette was burning and the suv it was on its side, so I ran over flipped it over, tore off the door and pulled her out ,called 911 and got the hell out of there. Memories flooded my mind taking me back eight years, I just couldnt stay to wait for the police.
Dads face was empty for a moment, then a concerned look, Jack you turned the suv over? Yeah I know. Are you ok?
Fine dad, going to my room.
The next morning I took off walking toward town, looking at the changes a few years could make, somethings never change tho.
I found myself standing at the front gates, trees over hanging the fence line, and vines weaving in and out the arch so you cant read the lettering. Morning mist was still lingering across the cemetery grounds,this place is eerie during the day let along after dark.My stomach was burning, sick with pain. Beth, why Beth.

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