She's Got It, I Don't

We were all in ‘the yard’. It was hott so we were just sitting under the shade of a big tree. Ty was sitting right next to me. He put his hand on the ground and I put mine over his. The only one of not present was Teddy.
“Dudes, where’s Teddy?” I finally asked. No one responded so I knew it had to deal with a girl. “Who is she?” I asked and sighed.
“Her name is Brixley Scramsin.” Mitch finally said.
“Eww.” I replied. Brixley was short, had brown eyes and hair, and always, always had the latest fashions. We started a game of thunder & lightning when I heard that familair giggle. I turned around and there they were laughing it up. Teddy was so nervous, you could tell from the body launguage. “Ohh gosh” I made gagging noises. Teddy was like a giant flirt with her. He never flirted with me. What am I saying why would I want him to flirt with me? But still what’s she got that I don’t got?

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