A Josh Hutcherson Kind Of Cute

Dani froze. He was calling her!!! She began to flip the phone open, when something made her stop. Her cell started to ring a second time but Dani still did not answer. Why wasn’t she answering the phone?? It rang a third time, yet something inside her told Dani not to answer. So it rang a fourth and final time and stopped. What had she done?? Well she thought to herself, no bad had ever come from playing hard to get.

“How cute?” Asks Blair. As the three walked into Dani’s room the next day, hands full of shopping bags.
“Josh Hutcherson cute” Replied Dani.
“No way!” Shrieks Steph. “That is adorable!!!”
“So when are you going to call him back?” Blair said.
“In a couple of days, I don’t wanna come off desperate.”
“Yeah as long as you don’t come off uninterested.” Steph adds in.
“You’re right, all call him tonight” Decides Dani.
The girls screamed and applauded Dani; they then became quiet as she went into detail about her latest crush.

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