Hiding *

But Jack didn’t go to the hospital, he had more pressing issues to deal with.
I grabbed my cell to call the only person I could talk to, Dr Barker, my shrink for two years now.
Things had started to get out of hand, the thoughts I was having they were’nt mine, and then the visions vivid visions. The hearing problem was nothing.
I have to tell him about the wreak, and the accident with Beth, no injuries not even a scratch.
Come to think about it, I’ve never had any broken bones, not even when I was ten, and fell out of Jasons tree house.
Beth bandaged me any way, she always like playing a nurse.
Jack called his doctor from park down the street, so they would think he had gone to the hospital.
After a few hours of feeding the birds and remembering how mom used to sit on this same bench watching me and my sister play and gossiping with the other moms, I decided to go home.

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